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Runs on OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite




- astro includes

AstroCC Coordinate Converter (convert astronomical coordinates)         Y
Astronomy Clock 2 (see astronomical time)         Y
Astronomy Lab 2 (simulate astronomical events)         Y
BOINC Manager   7.4.36    
Celestia (explore the universe)         Y
Easy Java Simulations   v5.0 beta    
GCX Astro-Image Processor (process astronomical images)         Y
GPredict (satellite tracker)         Y
Gravity (gravitational simulator)         Y
Iris (process astronomical images)
KStars Planetarium (desktop planetarium)         Y
Meteoracle (predict and observer meteor showers)
Nightshade (desktop planetarium)         Y
OpenRocket (design and simulate model rockets)         Y
OpenUniverse Space Simulator (explore the solar system)         Y
ORSA (celestial mechanics tool)         Y
Planets (simulations of planetary systems)         Y
Radio Meteor Analyzer (analyze radio meteor data)         Y
Sky Charts (desktop planetarium)         Y
Sci Lab          
SkyGlobe (desktop planetarium)         Y
StarPlot (view star charts)         Y

Is a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.   v0.13.2 27/10/2014 Y

The Solar Weather Browser (SWB)

Is a software tool developed by the Royal Observatory of Belgium for easy visualisation of solar images in combination with any context information that can be overlaid on the images and that is space weather relevant.   v1.1.109b   N
NTNUJAVA Virtual Physics Laboratory        
VMA Command Center (virtual moon atlas and asociated apps)   v6.0 27/10/2014 Y
Virtual Moon Atlas (study lunar features)   v6.0 27/10/2014 Y
Where is M13? (display deep sky objects)         Y
wxAstroCapture (capture planetary objects)   v1.8-1   Y
XEphem (astronomical ephemeris)         Y
XTide (view tide and current predictions)         Y        



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