The (hopefully good quality) science fiction resource log listing SF related material we have come across over 30+ years! (Further development in progress).


Title   Comment
2001: A Space Odyssey 1968 Got to be top of the list for films. Sets the bar for science fiction on the screen, just the sheer quality of the sets, props, acting and story. No rediculous over the top CGI and no bloody noise in space! As for the sound track - perfect.

Classic sci-fi epic about a mysterious monolith that seems to play a key role in human evolution. Dir: Stanley Kubrick Cast: Keir Dullea , Gary Lockwood , William Sylvester.

Village of the Damned 1960  
Children of the Damned 1964  
The Day the Earth Caught Fire 1961
The Damned 1963  
2010 1984 In this sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, a U.S.-Soviet crew investigates a mysterious monolith orbiting Jupiter. Dir: Peter Hyams Cast: Roy Scheider , Helen Mirren , John Lithgow .
Marooned 1969 Three U.S. astronauts face a slow death when their rockets fail during a space voyage. Dir: John Sturges Cast: Gregory Peck , Richard Crenna , David Janssen .
The Time Machine 1960 A turn-of-the-century inventor sends himself into the future to save humanity. Dir: George Pal Cast: Rod Taylor , Alan Young , Yvette Mimieux .
Forbidden Planet 1956 A group of space troopers investigates the destruction of a colony on a remote planet. Dir: Fred McLeod Wilcox Cast: Walter Pidgeon , Anne Francis , Leslie Nielsen .
Destination Moon 1950 A crusading scientist defies the government to launch an expedition to the moon. Dir: Irving Pichel Cast: John Archer , Warner Anderson , Tom Powers .
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 1977 A blue-collar worker's encounter with a UFO leaves him a changed man. Dir: Steven Spielberg Cast: Richard Dreyfuss , Fran├žois Truffaut , Terry Garr .
Them! 1954 Federal agents fight to destroy a colony of mutated giant ants. Dir: Gordon Douglas Cast: James Whitmore , Edmund Gwenn , Joan Weldon .
Colossus: The Forbin Project 1970 An 'electronic brain' designed to control the American missile defense system. However nobody counts on the computer developing an intelligence of its own. Communicating with its Russian counterpart, Colossus decides to take over the earth, threatening global destruction should anyone try to pull its plug.
The Day the Earth Stood Still    
The Thing    
The Aliens    
When Worlds Collide    
On the Beach    
Blade Runner    
Title Comment
Battlestar Galactica One of the better space opera TV series with a proper conclusion
Star Trek Fan stuff Fan Stuff
The Flipside of Dominic Hide BBC
Another Flip for Dominic BBC
Blakes 7 BBC
Title     Comment
Dune 1965 Novel The 'Game of Thrones' of SF. There are enough books now to have at least the same effort applied as GOT, and its different to most SF on TV.
The Canopy of Time 1959 Anth. Brian Aldiss
The Moon Is Hell 1951 Novel John W. Campbell
First Human colony on the Moon stranded on the dark side has to survive for over 2 years until rescued.